Solution Pods

We're Award Winners!

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The Solution Pod has been recognised as the best new Product in Lincolnshire 2016! We were extremely proud to beat off some very strong competition to win the "To Be Made" category of the Made in Lincolnshire Awards. This is an award for a particularly innovative product that has yet to go into production.

We were recognised by a panel of judges made up of prominent representatives from the public sector and business leadership for the Solution Pods ability to change lives with its ability to be a quick, low cost but high quality housing option for local councils. Allowing them to house more people than they thought possible and put a roof over the head of the most vulnerable in our society.

If you would like more information on how the Solution Pod can deliver fantastic results for your organisation please get in touch with us.

What is a Solution Pod?

Solution Pods are an innovative approach to solving today's housing problems. With land and housing prices out of the reach of a majority there is a crisis emerging in many UK cities with London at the forefront.

Having their own housing is just a dream for lots of people and Councils are feeling the pressure on their resources. As if this wasn't bad enough the pressure is beginning to tell with the most vulnerable being forced onto the streets where we've seen a 30% increase of people living on the streets in the last year.

This is where the Solution Pod comes in. A versatile concept that allows Councils to house people with dignity whilst still achieving significant cost savings. Our proposal is a simple one, we want to be able to supply housing that meets our core values:

  • Dignity
  • Security
  • Space
  • Cost

Our Solution Pods come in 3 sizes allowing for emergency accommodation for those currently sleeping rough (The Emergency Pod), long term accommodation for individuals or couples (The Apartment Pod) and family pods suitable for adults with children (The Family Pod). The combination of Apartment and Family Pods is simple and completely flexible allowing for a mix of accommodation to suit the needs in each area. Councils can purchase as many Pods in whatever combination is necessary for them. The versatility of the concept also allows for Pods to be converted for use as on-site services such as a shop, launderette, site-office etc.

Our volumetric modular building methods mean that we can put up high quality buildings in as little as half the time and cost as a traditionally constructed building. We recently spoke to a County Council regarding the construction of four single-storey dwellings and found that our methods meant that we were over £200,000 less than the traditional builders for the same job!

By utilising our experience in design and building we are able to create effective, efficient spaces that meet all of the needs of the councils and community but also the people who live there.

Solving the Housing Crisis

It is no secret that the UK is moving towards an affordable housing crisis. Despite the economic downturn prices are still too high for many young people and families.

People are looking towards Councils for their housing needs but Council housing stocks are steadily declining. The total stock of Council owned dwellings fell from 3.67 million in 1994 to 1.64 million in 2015 despite the UK population increasing by 7 million in that same time period. This has the hallmarks of a crisis; wages over this same period have risen by 65% and house prices by 323%. Private housing is becoming more and more unreachable whilst public stocks are dwindling. It seems an almost impossible problem to solve.

However there is a huge opportunity to solve this problem swiftly and comprehensively. Official figures suggest that nearly half of all land suitable for development is owned by the public sector. Councils have land but do not have the resources to build on them and so there has been talk recently of a move by developers to purchase this land and use part of it to build the affordable housing that is so desperately needed and the other half to build more profit making housing.

We don't want Councils to be forced into selling their land; we want them to use the asset to the best advantage of the Council and the people they represent. This is the opportunity - We can work with Councils to build up their housing stocks using modular and timber frame methods that cost far, far less than traditional construction. The buildings will be high quality, robust and, importantly, quick to build. So there is no need to sell off land that will only be partly used to solve the problem. There is a chance for Councils to move to the forefront of affordable housing solutions not just in the UK but as a world leader in an innovative way of dealing with growing populations and rising prices. We can develop the housing stocks that are needed at prices that Councils