Sales/marketing suites

Many businesses have sales lots to display their products, whether it's cars, caravans, motor homes or commercial vans they all need an on-site facility to sit down with customers.
After 5 years of supplying sales and marketing suites to commercial clients we can provide an exceptional space for you to sit down with your customers. We've all been to those lots with a shabby looking cabin, one thing's for certain it doesn't help the sales people! By providing a pleasant and comfortable environment for them to sit in, your staff are able to concentrate on selling them the product they really  need. It will give your staff the confidence to achieve sales knowing that the suite helps rather than hinders them. "People buy from people" may be a cliche but it's still true. However the more at ease a customer feels the more likely they are to purchase. That comes down to the building as well.

Our flexible modular buildings allow you to create the best space for you and your customers. You can have offices, reception and sales areas, kitchen and toilet facilities. Everything you need.
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