More and more businesses are turning to modular buildings.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Ease of moving - Office moves are costly and disruptive, whilst your staff are moving there is no work going on! From the time we arrive on site with the completed sections to the time you can move in it is only a few days meaning that the actual move can be complete very quickly as opposed to months of on-site building work.
  • Cost - Modular buildings are typically half the cost of a traditional brick built building
  • Flexibility - Traditionally extending your office space is difficult and expensive. Not so with modular buildings; you can add sections or even entire floors with minimal cost and disruption as the extra office space is built off site and delivered to you.
  • Speed - Within a few short weeks from the point you order your building it is on site and ready to be used
  • Ease of specification - Due to Avalon Cabins philosophy of constructing a bespoke building for each customer you can specify open plan or enclosed offices or both. You can specify the number and placements of both sockets and data points.

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