Modular buildings are ideal for nurseries providing a safe, warm and pleasant environment for all pre-school ages. Due to Avalon's commitment to providing bespoke modular buildings for every customer you can specify your exact needs and, with the flexible space that a modular building gives you, you can design a perfect space for your children. With the ability to specify the type of heating used, the placement of sockets, the height of door handles we really do help you to plan your perfect building from the ground up. We'll be there to help you every step of the way but remember it's your building! It our job to make your dream a reality.

Nurseries are special places where the needs of the children mean that you need someone who understands the importance of working with you as an individual but also the importance of constructing a nursery and not just another building. A nursery will create some of the earliest memories a person may have, ones that they'll carry with them their entire lives. We want to help you achieve a building that lives up to this responsibility. A place where memories can be created and children can be free to learn and play.

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