Modular Buildings are growing in popularity for schools looking for fast, cost effective ways to provide high quality learning space.

Why do schools like modular buildings so much?

Well there are a number of factors:

  • Cost - A modular building costs at least half the amount of a traditional brick built building, sometimes even less!
  • Quality¬†- Our modular buildings are built to exacting standards and come with a 24 month guarantee
  • Minimal Disruption - Due to the way modular buildings are constructed the "on-site" disruption for you is limited to a few days, we can even arrange for this to be done during the school holidays
  • Reduced risk - Because we can complete the building on site in such a short time and likely during the school holidays you do not have to worry about dangerous building works whilst the children are present.
  • Speed - ¬†Modular buildings can be created in a matter of weeks, full details will be given depending on your requirements

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