About modular buildings

Why choose an Avalon Cabin?

Avalon Cabins specialise in bespoke Modular buildings, designed and built to your specific needs. Every customer has different ideas and requirements so we have never built the same cabin twice. If you can imagine what you would like then we can make it become reality. 

What are the buildings used for?

Modular Buildings may be used for long-term, temporary or permanent facilities such as:
Schools and Classrooms
Childcare and Nurseries
Sales and Retail Offices
Marketing Suites
On-site Construction facilities
Shower Block
Healthcare Facilities
Civilian and Military housing

What are the advantages of a Modular Building?

There are many advantages in choosing a modular building:

  • Speed of construction/faster return on investment. Modular construction allows for the building and the site work to be completed simultaneously, reducing the overall completion schedule by as much as 50%.
  • Indoor construction. Assembly is independent of weather, which increases work efficiency and avoids damaged building material.
  • Environmentally friendly construction process. Modular construction reduces waste and site disturbance compared to site-built structures.
  • Environmental benefits for used modular buildings. Modular buildings contain 100% reusable components. This means you have the ability to take the building down and relocate it. Should a company's needs change, the modular room can be moved and they never lose their original investment.
  • Flexibility. Conventional buildings can be difficult to extend, however with a modular building you can simply add sections, or even entire floors.

Quality Internal Finishings

At Avalon Cabins we use the best materials. We offer such a good guarantee because we believe the product will not let you down.  We use Oak veneered doors and door frames.  You have the options of having:

  • Alarm
  • Network cables
  • Phone lines
  • Smoke alarm system
  • TV points
  • Air conditioning units
  • Electric roller shutters 
  • Speaker system
  • Disabled toilets

Planning Permission

As the building is classed as portable then generally planning permission is not required.
However, it is your responsibility to check with your local planning department. Probable exceptions to this are if the building is to be in a conservation area or that you need to position the building a certain distance from an established property.
As each area is different we cannot offer definitive information, we suggest that you contact your local planning department and speak to a planning officer to get the appropriate advice.
As with all building work the owner is responsible for the relevant planning permission or building regulations.


All of Avalon Cabins Modular Buildings come with a 24 month guarantee on everything.
All of the double glazing comes with a 10 year warranty
All of the glass comes with a 5 year warranty